• Croquetapalooza 2014 – Sunday, October, 12, 2014 [REVIEW]

    My name is Hank and I’m confessing right now that I’ve had a lifelong love affair with the croqueta (croquette). It began when I was baby and I would snatch them from my parents when they weren’t looking and stuff them down quickly. Of course, they were often accompanied by pastelitos, but the point is I always went for the croqueta first.

    As I grew older and began to expand my food horizons, I made it a mission to try as many different croquetas as I possibly could at the restaurants around Miami. Well, I think I met my match yesterday at Burger Beast‘s Croquetapalooza 2014 event. There were more there than I can handle! It was like a Croqueta Paradise for me. I walked into Magic City Casino at noon with an open mind and just had at it. But I knew I clearly had to pace myself or I just wasn’t going to be able to try them all.

    My favorite dish of all was Ms. Cheezious‘ Croqueta Monsieur. Picture this: A Catalina ham croqueta, tavern ham, bechemel and swiss on Sourdough. I mean just reading it over and over again makes me salivate. Well, imagine biting into this. It was so good that the Ms. Cheezious food truck outside of Magic City Casino had to continue pumping them out from noon until about 2:30 PM because the people of Croquetapalooza just could not get enough! A tray full of them would be set down and within 5 minutes, they would all be gone. It’s as if a radar went off the minute the tray hit the table. But I will continue my review.

    My favorite croqueta was the guava and cheese croqueta from Latin American Bakery and Cafe. It was HEAVENLY! I was told that it’s been in development for over a year now. I sure as heck hope this croqueta sees the light of day because I will have my fix as often as I can. I wanted to be fair and try one from each participant, so I did. They were all delicious, but the guava and cheese croqueta was the one that really blew my mind.

    On the sweet side, I was very impressed with HipPOPs‘ Cafe Con Leche pop and El Rey De Las Fritas‘ Leche Malteada and Batido de Mamey. There were tons of delicious looking flans available to try, but I am honestly not a flan person, so I didn’t get around to trying any.

    All in all, the ambience was delightful, the food was top-notch, the music was on point (I wouldn’t expect less from the Pincha Discos 305 crew) and the event was a complete success. I am definitely bringing my friends and family next year.

    Congratulations are in order to Fireman Derek for winning Best Flan and to Barley and Swine for winning Best Croqueta. They are also in order to Mr. Burger Beast!

    Check out my photos and a video from the event below!




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