• Croquetapalooza 2014 – Sunday, October, 12, 2014 [REVIEW]

    My name is Hank and I’m confessing right now that I’ve had a lifelong love affair with the croqueta (croquette). It began when I was baby and I would snatch them from my parents when they weren’t looking and stuff them down quickly. Of course, they were often accompanied by pastelitos, but the point is I always went for the croqueta first.

    As I grew older and began to expand my food horizons, I made it a mission to try as many different croquetas as I possibly could at the restaurants around Miami. Well, I think I met my match yesterday at Burger Beast‘s Croquetapalooza 2014 event. There were more there than I can handle! It was like a Croqueta Paradise for me. I walked into Magic City Casino at noon with an open mind and just had at it. But I knew I clearly had to pace myself or I just wasn’t going to be able to try them all.

    My favorite dish of all was Ms. Cheezious‘ Croqueta Monsieur. Picture this: A Catalina ham croqueta, tavern ham, bechemel and swiss on Sourdough. I mean just reading it over and over again makes me salivate. Well, imagine biting into this. It was so good that the Ms. Cheezious food truck outside of Magic City Casino had to continue pumping them out from noon until about 2:30 PM because the people of Croquetapalooza just could not get enough! A tray full of them would be set down and within 5 minutes, they would all be gone. It’s as if a radar went off the minute the tray hit the table. But I will continue my review.

    My favorite croqueta was the guava and cheese croqueta from Latin American Bakery and Cafe. It was HEAVENLY! I was told that it’s been in development for over a year now. I sure as heck hope this croqueta sees the light of day because I will have my fix as often as I can. I wanted to be fair and try one from each participant, so I did. They were all delicious, but the guava and cheese croqueta was the one that really blew my mind.

    On the sweet side, I was very impressed with HipPOPs‘ Cafe Con Leche pop and El Rey De Las Fritas‘ Leche Malteada and Batido de Mamey. There were tons of delicious looking flans available to try, but I am honestly not a flan person, so I didn’t get around to trying any.

    All in all, the ambience was delightful, the food was top-notch, the music was on point (I wouldn’t expect less from the Pincha Discos 305 crew) and the event was a complete success. I am definitely bringing my friends and family next year.

    Congratulations are in order to Fireman Derek for winning Best Flan and to Barley and Swine for winning Best Croqueta. They are also in order to Mr. Burger Beast!

    Check out my photos and a video from the event below!




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  • Island Bass Saturday at PRL Euro Cafe – Saturday, September 27, 2014 [REVIEW]

    Bass. Bass. And more bass. That’s what you were gonna experience if you attended Island Bass FL’s Island Bass Saturday monthly events at PRL Euro Cafe. And it’s exactly what I experienced. And I was quite happy.

    It was refreshing to be exposed to something different for a change. The Island Bass FL crew are out to spread the sounds of moombahton, moombahcore, zouk bass, kuduro, soca and any other exotic rhythm you can dance to. And I can see why they do what they do. Juan Luv and Jared Cole and crew know their music and aren’t afraid to show it. Will I be back next month? Heck yes.

    Check out some photos from the event below!


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  • Erasure – Live at the Fillmore Miami Beach – Friday, September 12, 2014 [REVIEW]

    I’ll start by saying that it’s very easy to become a fan of Erasure’s music. The three songs that did it for me are the ones that everybody knows (“Oh L’Amour,” “A Little Respect,” “Always”) but if you keep listening and let yourself be taken away by the amazingness, you’ll become a full-fledged fan. This is exactly what happened to me. I’ve been listening to and playing their popular tracks for years in my sets but it wasn’t until this night that I fell in love with their music.

    The energy that singer Andy Bell and company on stage combined with the electronic mastery of the legendary Vince Clarke had me dancing their entire set. Andy got up there and gave it his all like it was still 1985, and Vince, much like Chris Lowe of the Pet Shop Boys, was serious as hell but seriously jamming out back there on his electroments. Yes. I just made up a new word. Electroments. I hadn’t had this much fun at a concert in a very long time, and oddly enough, the last concert I enjoyed that much was the Pet Shop Boys one in 2006 at the same venue (different name at the time). I guess I’m just a ginormous fan of English synthpop!

    I won’t sit here and try to recollect the event like some fancy journalist or anything, but I will continue to try sharing my perspective of the whole thing. Yes, there were technical mishaps here and there, but the energy was so on point that nobody gave a shit! They just kept dancing and singing along! And yes, Andy had an interesting choice in wardrobe throughout the concert, but that’s what makes him so cool! He just doesn’t give a damn! And neither did anyone there!

    I am so happy that I won these tickets (thanks, Crossfade!) and got to attend a show that will forever remain in mind as one that I would gladly experience again. And if I never get to, this one will be just fine! Check out my photos and a video I stitched together below!!

    Set List (thanks to for this one):





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  • Astari Nite, My Jerusalem and Peter Murphy – Live at Grand Central on Tuesday, August 5, 2014 [REVIEW]

    So I’m going to come right out and say this: Peter Murphy is one of the greatest musicians of all time. I am very glad I got to see him perform live once in my life. I would definitely catch him again if he were to tour and stop wherever I’m living at when he does.

    Miami-bred Astari Nite started the night out right with their set and most certainly did a great job as they always do. It was a good choice on Grand Central‘s behalf for local support.

    Austin-based My Jerusalem were surprisingly very talented. And the only reason I say surprisingly is because I had honestly never heard a single song of theirs. The band was very energetic and humble that Peter Murphy chose them as a tour partner. Shit, I would be pretty humble if he chose me, too.

    And last but not least… Mr. Peter Murphy. What else can I say other than what I already said? That voice is still alive and well. He may be aging but goddamn can he sing! His band did an excellent job in supporting him with instruments and vocals. The highlight of my night was listening to them perform “Strange Kind of Love,” my favorite song of his and one of my favorites of all time to be honest. I got chills watching and listening. I was able to capture a video of it with my iPhone because my camera died. And yes, he played “Cuts You Up,” too. And yes, I was happy.

    Check out some photos from the event and the clip of them performing “Strange Kind of Love.”




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  • Cooking Demonstration with Ms. Cheezious – Saturday, August 2, 2014 [REVIEW]

    The truth is, I arrived fashionably late to the scheduled culinary demo on quick and easy recipes from South Florida that Ms. Cheezious owner Brian Mullins provided at Macy’s Kitchen in Dadeland Mall.

    As many of you know, Ms. Cheezious® has been voted Best Food Truck in Miami many, many times because well, they’re the experts in rolling out your favorite comfort food – grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, chili, and fries. Who the heck can say no to that?!

    But I digress.

    Check out some photos from the event and a short video clip of Brian talking to the audience. And do yourself a favor and try their food if you ever come across their truck. You won’t regret it.




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  • LAVOLA CD Release Show at The Vagabond in Miami – March 14, 2014 [PHOTOS & VIDEOS]

    South Florida indie rockers LAVOLA just put out their new album titled This Book Is My Cowardice, and they had a show at The Vagabond in Miami to celebrate (they had shows in other parts of South Florida for it as well). They invited Miami-based rockers The Vilifiers to join in on the fun as well.

    Check out the photos and videos from the show below.




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  • Operation Human Mind Expansion and False Flags at The Vagabond – March 13, 2014 [VIDEOS]

    As you may or may not know, I’m a big supporter of local music. I just never had the bright idea to actually document the performances of these musical geniuses in the form of pictures and video until recently.

    So in my pursuit of good local music here in Miami, I headed to the The Vagabond for their Retro Thursdays weekly event because I saw that there were going to be two live performances. I was blown away by what I heard from EDM artist Kenichi Ohme and rockers False Flags!

    Check out the videos below and you’ll see what I mean.


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  • Poplife and Slap & Tickle present Bodega – March 8, 2014 [AUDIO]

    If there’s any crew in Miami that knows good music, it’s the Slap & Tickle crew.

    They started their night on Tuesdays at The Electric Pickle back in early 2012. Now, they are over at Bardot on Tuesdays and at The Garret on Saturdays for a new party called Bodega that they launched back in November 2013 in partnership with Poplife Miami.

    What you’re going to experience below is just a taste of the music of Bodega. They are the sounds of Pirate Stereo, Mike Deuce and Santiago Caballero.

    Enjoy and make sure to check them out! No cover, awesome music and great vibes!


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  • The Rock Thursdays – March 6, 2014 [PHOTOS, VIDEO & AUDIO]

    This past Thursday’s edition of The Rock Thursdays at The Social Lubricant was definitely one not to be missed. The performances from Fresh Air, Wilkes Oswald and Antics were refreshing indeed.

    Here’s a taste of what you missed incase you did miss it.



    MY DJ SET:

    Via webplayer

    Via Mixcloud

    From Justice to All 002 – 3/6/2014 by Hankjustice on Mixcloud

    Come by next Thursday! Lineup will be announced soon.


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  • The Twelves – Live at Bardot on 3/1/14 [REVIEW]

    The Twelves of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil are dynamic musical duo João Miguel and Luciano Oliveira. If you’re wondering how they got that badass name, well, it actually came from the fact that they were both born on the same day in the same year. Cool, right? But that’s only the beginning about what’s cool about these guys. They take songs and flip ’em on their heads with great precision and skill and have been doing so since 2005. As a matter of fact, this is the remix they made that introduced me to them.

    So it turns out that they were wrapping up their 2014 North America Tour right here in Miami at the one and only Bardot. I can honestly say I was thoroughly impressed by their revamped live show and heaps of all new edits of many popular classics. Highlights for me were them throwing down Casco – Cybernetic Love, Locomia – Locomia, New Order – True Faith, and starting out with Fox the Fox – Precious Little Diamond.

    Below is a little treat for those that couldn’t be there to see it live. Check it out and let me know your thoughts if you have any.

    Via YouTube:

    Via Website player:


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